Can Marc Jacobs Make
The Rainbow Flag Chic?

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Let The Dark Knight
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The Monday Spree

Well, we certainly got a lot of attention for Marc Jacob's T-Shirt.
Let's clarify a few things.
We don't actually think that Marc is some sort of White Gay Supremacist, nor are we endorsing the T-shirt ourselves, we just found it worthy of note.
Our take is that, although Marc has yet to make a comment himself, he found it an intriguing conflation of two nearly diametrically opposed symbols, meant to provoke thought and conversation.
And it did.
In a temporary change of form, here's a few of the sites that picked us up today:

The Cut
Towleroad, who contrasted Marc's window with Ralph Lauren's now standard rainbow lineup of Polo shirts., who cried "SCANDAL!"
Shakesville, who elicited a whopping 88 comments.

Thanks for the attention, folks.


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