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What struck The Shophound about the recently opened men's store, Assembly New York, was how exceptionally well it mirrors the current state if its surrounding neighborhood.
The Lower East Side has been the subject of much hand-wringing (mostly justified) in recent years, as the area has been rapidly consumed by developers intent on erecting incongruous luxury high-rises among the historic tenements. The result is a jarring streetscape of gleaming new buildings alternating with lower, older structures in varying states of decrepitude.Assemblyexterior Orchard and Ludlow streets seem to be particularly stricken by this dichotomy which is strikingly reflected in Assembly's merchandise mix where pricey new men's garments mix on the racks with pricey "vintage" pieces in varying states of decrepitude.
The baseboards are lined with pre-owned footwear, most of which sells for much more than it did when new, and tissue thin, repurposed t-shirts dot the racks, some so dingy and worn that you wonder if Goodwill wouldn't have taken a pass on them. But, as they say, that's the style these days, and Assembly certainly has a stylish mix which has clearly been carefully curated. Those t-shirts drape oh so gracefully on a bony hipster frame.
As for the new stuff, it is as bright, sleek and shiny as the new condos down the block, featuring progressive labels like Corpus, YMC and more obscure ones like the Danish designer Henrik Vibskov. Music is provided by vinyl on a turntable, and diplay cases show selections of women's jewelry. The service is laid back as one would expect on Ludlow Street, so while eating lunch at the register is pretty much verboten in most stores, it isn't here.
Assembly has captured a moment in its neighborhood's evolution on an unusual level. It will be interesting to see if the store continues to evolve in tandem with its surroundings.
Assembly New York 174 Ludlow Street between Houston & Stanton Streets, Lower East Side


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