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J. Crew Is Sorry...So Sorry

We don't know what happened at J.Crew, but things must have gone horribly wrong. Apparently, it was bad enough to send the following mass communication to their entire email list:
Usually, we just shop the stores, because they'll give you a bottle of water on a hot day, and cookies at Christmas. Also, the clearance discounts are even better in person (like the linen shirt we just nabbed for $13.99), But we have to give them credit taking responsibility when things awry.


Yes, they have DEFINITELY been having problems! A few weeks ago they seemed to be revamping their website and it was almost impossible to navigate. The pages for many items were missing the menu for you to choose color and size, and the formatting of the pages was all goofy. I've noticed the problems most in the Sale section, which used to be very easy to browse through but not anymore.

I do love J. Crew and although I agree that it's more fun and there are better bargains to be had in store, I hope they can work out their web problems soon!

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