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Oh, The Irony Of The Extinct

Nothing like a trip to Urban Outfitters to make us feel like Methuselah.
Anyone who recognizes the logo on this t-shirt will probably understand the flash of nostalgia that hit us when we saw it earlier today.
For those of you unfamiliar with Peaches Records & Tapes, imagine a big barnlike store filled with bins of vinyl 33 RPM LP record albums as well as cassettes for those fortunate enough to have a Walkman portable tape player.
OK, this goes back a good couple of decades. Let's just say that Peaches was the place to be on the day that the new Pat Benatar or Police album came out. It was suburban record store heaven.
Now of course, Manhattan's once bountiful music retailers have been reduced to a pair of Virgin Megaastores, soon to be only one or possibly none, and Peaches, now long shuttered, is but an ironic reference for a young hipster who probably never owned an actual turntable record player.
Yeah, we know. Time to order that walker.


I think I might still have my Peaches wooden casette crate....somewhere.

the Peaches record store in memphis was great...

Good group to belong to, and I'm proud to say I worked at the store pictures above in Tulsa, OK.
I know where my Director is and I'm in contact with one of the managers...which I am so thankful for! I started off as a clerk and was blessed to wear a hat of many titles, Accessory Buyer, Store Artist and Store tix were awesome and so was working at Peaches!

Peaches was quite a experience, I worked on opening new stores for the first couple of years then I returned to Los Angeles to help run the art department. Met many recording artist over a 10 year span. Even more wonderful employees and managers. Everyone who work for Peaches would tell you it was the best job they ever had. A multi million dollar company ran by great bunch of creative young people.

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