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We could have gotten up at the crack of dawn and waited in a long line to get in early at the Barneys Warehouse Sale, but there's a certain amount of freedom in not having any specific wardrobe needs to fulfill, so we decided to saunter in at around 2 PM.
The sauntering stopped outside. Upstairs, the women's section was a mass of pushing and elbow throwing. The racks looked packed, but frankly, there was too much commotion for us to get a good luck at what was on them. It must have been good because women were eagerly filling clear plastic bags with stuff.
BarneysshoesDownstairs, the men's section, while still busy, felt serene and relaxing in comparison. In fact, many women took things down there to slip on in relative peace and more easily accessible mirrors.
The men's section showed few changes from previous sales except for shoes and home furnishings which switched places. That's probably because unlike upstairs, there were fewer shoes left, and now they were in a more cramped space.
There was also a distinct lack of men's designer items, probably owing to the fact that Barneys marked them down extra deeply at their full-line stores' final clearance sales, and sold through most of their stock.
It's worth noting that nothing is yet priced below what it sold for a few weeks ago at Barneys. Some categories, denim, men's suits and dress shirts in particular, are full of off-price merchandise brought in specifically for the warehouse sale which can be easily identified by the sales tags preprinted with markdown prices. Regular Barneys retail merchandise will have the same handwritten sale markings you find in the main stores. It's not necessarily a bad thing. The off-price goods come from many of Barneys usual vendors, and most are priced at around 50% off the original suggested retail price. The goods from the regular retail stores, however, are usually much more deeply discounted at this point, so if you are looking for the best deals, keep a sharp eye on the tags.
Typically, additional discounts will start sometime around the end of next week, with the last day, Labor Day, being the moment when prices hit rock bottom. If you can't wait until then, get there early while the jeans and sweaters are still neatly stacked and have not yet become impenetrable heaps of shmattes.
Good Luck and Happy Shopping!
Barneys Warehouse Sale 255 West 17th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues through September 1st, Chelsea


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