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J.Crew Tribeca Getting Ready

If you peer carefully around the edges of the brown paper covering the windows, you will see that J.Crew's men's only store is thisclose to opening. We have seen new light fixtures and boxes of merch waiting to be unpacked amid much milling about. We have heard various reports of last Wednesday, this Wednesday and the Wednesday after that as Grand Opening dates, so at this point your guesses are as good as ours.
Why are we so interested in yet another J.Crew, and aren't we supposed to be righteously indignant that it has supplanted the much loved Liquor Store Bar?
Well, we're not at all sure that J.Crew is personally responsible for the demise of that bar, charming as it was, and frankly, these days we're kind of loving J.Crew. A few years ago, that was not the case at all, but they have stepped up their game in terms of quality and styling, essentially kicking Banana Republic's ass. The new store promises special items and an exclusive, upgraded product line for their first men's only unit in New York. It's kind of a low-profile counterpart to the women's J.Crew Collection store set to open this fall on Madison Avenue.
Now if they would just open up already and let us see it.
J.Crew Tribeca Mens Shop 235 West Broadway at White Street


I just wish they kept some consistency in their basics. I've gotten their 'broken-in tees' as a staple for the last 2 or 3 years, yet each season it's a slightly different cut or material and it's made in a different place. Not to mention the best colorways disappear. I understand market forces necessitate the change but if it's a men's store, and it's doing it right - the basics should always be classically well-crafted and never screwed with.

I heard from someone in the Soho store, that it is opening on Thursday

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