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Ferré Comes Full Circle,
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Barneys Warehouse Sale
Starts This Thursday

Yes, kids, It's that time of year again.
If you feel you haven't had enough standing in line this Summer, your lucky day is coming!
Barney's Warehouse Sale, that semi-annual sale is starting this Thursday so you can fulfill all of your Supermarket Sweep fantasies.
We're not really sure what to expect this time. The retail business in general has sucked this season, and even Barneys has seem some deeper than ever final clearance discounts this season. But that means that even though they had lots of stock to get rid of, they already unloaded a lot of it at 75% off so who knows what's left for the Warehouse Sale? Somehow, however, we never fail to find some item at a giveaway price that we have been stalking all season, so we would never recommend skipping it. Just remember, keep you eyes open and your expectations low and you'll leave happy.
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