Topshop Opening Buildup Begins: To Get USA Makeover
In Advance Of Store Opening

New Additions:

Comptoir Des Cotonniers
Est Ouvert À Spring Street

Upcoming International Arrivals:

Argentina Sends Etiqueta Negra
To Lafayette Street

The bereft former home of Tootsi Plohound didn't sit empty for long.
Argentinian clothing brand  Etiqueta Negra will be taking the space according to the wide expanse of plywood that has appeared near the corner of Prince and Lafayette Streets.
Our research found scant information about Etiqueta Negra, which means simply "Black Label". It appears to be a luxury brand with close ties to the Polo world. That's Polo meaning a sport involving men on horses, not Ralph Lauren. The sport, is huge in Argentina, though this brand appears to encompass a full lifestyle collection with a elegant edge. The SoHo store will apparently be devoted to menswear, though the brand's website also features women's apparel in its advertising and some of it's stores.
From what we can gather, some find the label expensive by Argentina's standards, but, frankly, we're not sure what that will mean in U.S. dollars. We discovered descriptions like "Top local designer" and "up to par with the Italians in terms of quality and craftsmanship". This looks like it will be the first North American store for Etiqueta Negra, which is benefiting from recent backing by Columbian private investment firm Tribeca Partners specifically to expand the label internationally.
Color us curious. New York has seen an influx of girly chains from Spain, Russia and South Korea lately, but so far, little from Argentina.
It is refreshing, however, not to have yet another overseas fast-fashion chain thrust in our face these days.
No word yet on opening dates, but we'll keep an eye on this one.
Etiqueta Negra (Official Site)


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