New York Fashion Week Day 1:

Luxe With Rubin Singer, Steinunn
And Michael Angel

New York Fashion Week Day 1

Perry Ellis vs. Duckie Brown

Collaboration Du Jour:

Line Up For colette x GAP

Here's what we can tell you about colette x GAP: There's a big-ass line to get in.
Theoretically we could have gotten up at the crack of dawn to be first in said line, but sometimes theory simply doesn't play out the same way in practice, and it's not like we don't have enough places to run around to for the next seven days.
Ordinarily, we might have sucked it up and justlined up ourselves, but we don't have that kind of time to invest during Fashion Week, and it's muggy as hell out.
It does prove, however, that there are at least enough New Yorkers who are savvy about colette to create an initial swell of interest. The tourists thronging Fifth Avenue, however, seemed thoroughly uninterested.
It will, after all be open until the beginning of October, and, presumably, they won't sell out of everything immediately, and there will be no shortage of breathless reports on line about it.
Thankfully, we will have a proper preview of next week's Bullseye Bodegas from Target up on time, we promise.
colette x GAP (Official Site updated with more product information, but no prices)


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