Breaking Automaton News:

UNIQLO Adds Robot To
SoHo Flagship Staff

New York Fashion Week Day 1:

Luxe With Rubin Singer, Steinunn
And Michael Angel

New York Fashion Week Day 1:

It's Candy Time!

Fashion Week has barely begun, but it looks like the folks at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week have heeded some of the griping from last season and cleaned up a bit of the egregiously irrelevant and tasteless sponsorship that was tarnishing the experience. The video screens are back where we can see them, and the tacky vodka bar has been replaced with a much more tasteful American Express sponsored lounge.
We'll have a fuller report up later, but after only one show, we have already had to go home to drop off a swag overload.
We know. Boo hoo for us.
Among the new sponsors are M&M Mars who have a booth for their new fancy candies.
What do they have to do with Fashion Week?
Who cares? We love M&Ms. Between that and the girls handing out Lu cookies, the tents are looking dangerous. We are going to need our fat jeans by the end of the week.


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