New York Fashion Week Day 2:

Humidity & Hurricane Threats At
Adam, Rosa Chá and Patricia Field

New York Fashion Week Day 4:

Surprise Sponsor Switch-
M&Ms Out, Boots In

New York Fashion Week Day 3:

Now It's Really Candy Time
With Eva Longoria-Parker

Fashion week has barely begun in earnest, and yet it seems that the M&Ms sponsor booth has become an unlikely center of activity. In fairness, this booth is specifically featuring the M&Ms Premiums line and has been sampling generously attracting crowds surpassed only by the Havaianas booth.
Sunday morning was its turn in the publicity spotlight as Eva Longoria-Parker made a special appearance to launch the new product line, introduced via video screen by an animated green M&M. The Desperate Housewives star was accompanied by a series of model wearing dresses designed by Pamella Roland to coordinate with the various colors of the new candy flavors.
See, there's the fashion connection: dresses designed to match candy. Eva herself wore a mocha colored minidress to match the only flavor we have been able to sample so far, and we're kind of glad the booth is perpetually mobbed, because the last thing The Shophound needs is an unfettered supply of candy for a week. The unfettered supply of chocolate covered Lu wafers is enough for us to deal with.
Overall, it was a pretty stagy appearance, but all it takes is a whiff of celebrity to attract a small media mob on a relatively quiet Sunday afternoon at the tents, and La Longoria did her her best to charm and distract us from wondering exactly much she was being paid to push chocolate candies for an afternoon.
We can't say she fully succeeded, but we do look forward to trying the other flavors.


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