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Ralph Lauren Prepares
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Ralphbleecker1_2We always appreciate the opportunity to peer into a store that is under construction, but when we walked past Ralph Lauren's upcoming space on Bleecker Street, yesterday, we had no idea they would be so far along. It seemed that only a few weeks ago, L'Uomo was just clearing out, but already, Ralph has installed his signature cabinets and heavy moldings, all painted pristine white. New wooden floors were being buffed, and it looked for all the world like the store would be ready to open in  a few days.
Perhaps the fact that L'Uomo's décor consisted of bare brick walls made the renovation easier, or possibly Ralph has simply got part of the construction staff that Topshop so desperately needs.
We're still not sure what Ralph has planned for this store, though at this point we are guessing that either his men's or women's store will be moved to the new space, and one of the remaining spaces could be converted to house one of his other product lines, like children's perhaps?
Apparently, it won't be long before we find out.


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