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What's an international superstar to do when she's just had a baby two weeks ago and has to launch a new product line in New York?
Why, send her backup dancers, of course.
And so it was that Love, Angel, Music and Baby were dispatched to appear in Bloomingdale's Lexington Avenue windows today. It turned out that just Love, Angel and Music, or maybe Music, Angel and Baby showed up, but at 12:30 PM, 75% of Gwen Sefani's backup dancers made their way into the windows to mug, vogue and do the "running man" to kick off the new line of Harajuku Lovers labeled totes and accessories from Stefani's L.A.M.B. fashion brand.
They were a little slow to warm up, and, for a while there, it was a little bit like The Pips without Gladys Knight, but once a medley of Stefani's hits kicked in, and the school-uniform clad girls got their (improvised?) choreography in sync, they put on a genial little kawaii-filled show for the press, passersby, and various riveted construction workers as well as a group of actual American schoolgirls who found a surprise bit of entertainment on their lunch hours.
Harajukuschoolgirlsus Listen, if showing up in a store window is good enough for Donatella Versace, it should be just fine for three quarters of Gwen Stefani's dancers. They will return on Friday (hopefully including the missing 25%) to meet customers and sell bags, so L.A.M.B. fans should brush up on their Japanese.
Harajuku Lovers (Official Site)


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