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Financial Crisis Edition

02critic2650 It is next to impossible to separate any discussion of new stores with the current, pervasive, economic anxiety. What once seemed like a city of abundance has in a few short weeks become a city bloated with extravagances as our entire country has become direly overextended. Suddenly, that eighth pair of jeans doesn't seem so necessary anymore.
It's this attitude that this week's Critical Shopper, Mike Albo brings to the new Rag & Bone boutique on Christopher Street. Is it possible to rationalize buying more things we don't really need anymore?
Well, maybe, if we really, really like them, but perhaps not if the store's staff insists on surly indifference.

Approaching the register, the dude-clerk wouldn’t look at me. Next to him was a pleasant smelling Diptyque candle. Like a gushing tourist, I tried to make conversation: “Hey, what flavor is that candle?” I asked.
“Doesn’t it just say on it?” he snipped, still refusing to look at me. Oh. I see how it is, Mr. Cool Guy.
As my gorgeous, imperious friend Rebecca says: “Noted.” Maybe he was busy, or tired, or just broke up with his girlfriend, but I flared with loathing.

We don't think any store will be able to afford such attitude in the uncertain months to come, but Mike bought an extra tie anyway.
Critical Shopper - Rag & Bone: Some Trendiness You Can Bank On By Mike Albo (NYTimes)
Rag & Bone 104 Christopher Street between Bleecker and Bedford Streets


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