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The corner at 350 Bleecker and 10th Street was always a tough spot to fill. It's part of the only larger apartment building rather than a typical old fashioned storefront, and it's never had a steady tenant since Kim's Video was dismissed.
That may change now that Pure Dark has taken up residence. What sounds like a Goth emporium, or an extra strength coffee bar is actually a new chocolate boutique.
The West Village only recently lost the popular Chocolate Bar to the more gently priced East 7th Street, but this shop takes a more esoteric approach to selling the product of the cacao tree.
Pure Dark goes for a more archaic approach in the roomy store.. As you may imagine from its name, the store eschews bon-bons and brownies, focusing on slabs of dark chocolate in its simplest form as well as in newer, spiced and seasoned versions. No waxy milk chocolate here.
So far, Pure Dark has no web presence that we could detect, but the elaborate packaging and store design suggests that this location may be planned as the seed of a chocolate chain. At times, the place can look a little overdesigned, kind of like mall restaurant. The rustic, deepest, darkest theme does hit one over the head a bit hard at times, but if that bothers you, then try a chocolate sample.
You'll feel much better.
Hey, at least it's not another designer shop.
Pure Dark 350 Bleecker Street at West 10th Street, West Village


Has it had *any* tenant since Kim's was forced out?

Yeah, that name is definitely a little misleading. But that store does sound like it could be quite delicious and not at all nutricious.

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