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The Tuesday Spree

The Shophound Headquarters are moving this week, so posting might be a little bit lighter than usual. In the meantime, our friends have plenty to entertain you until we are back at full speed.

Kamali1Walmart is making itself harder to hate by introducing a new collection from America's most underrated designer, Norma Kamali just in time for the '80s revival. If you can't bear to give your money to Walmart, you can still buy the stunningly inexpensive collection from Norma herself. (NK for Walmart at Norma Kamali)
Mondo Kim's, the flagship for New York's most eclectic video entertainment chain is shuttering, but the much loved but somewhat diminished retailer continues to soldier on. (RACKED)
JCPenney is adding Allen B. by Allen B. Schwartz (of ABS) to its growing stable of designer exclusives. They may be copying Target, but they may also be doing it better. (WWD)
• Even people who make shoes are astonished that there seems to be no limit to the height of heels and platforms that women will buy and wear. Twisted ankles be damned! (Wall Street Journal)
• Has George W. Bush actually done something good? He signed an anti-counterfeiting bill that gives the government morepower and resources to protect intellectual property and prosecute offenders. (WWD & White House Press Release)
• Now that everyone is used to the idea of visible bras and bustiers, the next thing is panties on the outside. Please, spare us. (Style File)
Apple introduces newly refreshed and redesigned laptop models that will render obsolete whatever you are using, as well as other as yet unidentified items today. (AppleInsider)
Pradaphone2• People should be getting excited about the new Prada phone with a sliding keyboard, but since no U.S. wireless carriers support it, it's still going to be hideously expensive and not appreciably better than an iPhone. (Material Interest)


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