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UNIQLO Stages A Times Square
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L'UOMO Is Reborn As Michael
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Promotion Du Jour

Ralph Lauren Redesigns The Pedicab
For His New Bleecker Store

Who was expecting this display on a quiet Tuesday afternoon?
To promote the conversion of his former women's boutique on Bleecker Street to a new children's store, Ralph Lauren has commissioned a fleet of pedicabs who appear to come from that alternate universe where everyone is impeccably turned out and charming (and styled by...Ralph Lauren). Clad in dark RRL jeans, coordinated caps, sweaters and bow ties, the group cuts quite a collective figure. We are not experts on this, but we are pretty sure that English, bench made loafers without socks are not the optimum footwear for pedicab driving, but what's a few blisters when you look this cute?
RlchildrensbleeckerAt approximately 3PM this afternoon, the drivers pulled their tartan festooned vehicles out of their temporary lot in front of the new store and cheerfully set off down Bleecker, in search of passengers, perhaps? We aren't sure about the other specifics regarding this event, or whether or not it will be repeated. In fact, if we hadn't been walking by at that very moment, we wouldn't have known about it all, but when you see the uncommonly well appointed pedicabs around town, you will know where they came from, especially if the license plate reads "RL 08".
If anyone has any more information about this, please contact us with the details
Ralph Lauren Children's Store 380 Bleecker Street between Perry & Charles Streets, West Village


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