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KiraplastininaCloses Let this be a lesson to us.
Always pay attention to ominous, anonymous tips no matter how poor the grammar and punctuation.
As our disgruntled commenter predicted, today is the final day for all 12 Kira Plastinina stores in the U.S.
Those of you who are fans of glitzy, occasionally age inappropriate tween wear in pepto-pink have until the close of business today to grab all you can. Yesterday the stores had 50% off signs at the door, and we are betting today will bring deeper discounts as the brand exits the U.S. market only seven months after it tried to take it by storm.
Ultimately, the brand was done in by the larger business woes of the designer's father and backer, Russian dairy and fruit mogul Sergei Plastinin, as well as a wild miscalculation of the reception the brand would have in a rapidly slowing U.S. market.
Perhaps putting his daughter's image out front as Moscow's answer to Paris Hilton wasn't such a good idea after all. By Monday, the chain will have left vacant some prime retail space not only in SoHo and on 34th Street, but also in California, New Jersey and Connecticut, with little prospect of filling it anytime soon.
We are told the designer's main business in Europe continues to chug along, so the possiblity of a return under more favorable circumstances is not out of the question, but for now we will have to say "Dasvidaniya!" to the would-be teen queen.
Kira Plastinina U.S. Stores Closing Today (WWD)
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