Opening With A Fizzle:

Not Trader John's
Opens Its Doors

Inauguration Fashion I:

Michelle Obama In Isabel Toledo
For The Daytime

Bankruptcy Report:

Circuit City To Liquidate
Starting Saturday

Circuit City's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy has come to an end.
We can't say nobody saw this coming a long way away.
The court has approved liquidators to begin their work starting from tomorrow until March 31st.
A few parties interested in purchasing the 60 year old company pulled out, leaving no other option.
Our sympathies go out to anyone who was convinced to buy a service package with any of their Christmas gifts this year.
On the plus side: Big electronics sale starting tomorrow morning.
Circuit City to Shut Down (NYTimes)
Circuit City to Go Out of Business After 60 Years (Bloomberg)


Actually, according to the Circuit City main page - all service plans will still be valid because they are operated by a third party company.

Men's fashion week in Milan has already started; New York Times is reporting a dearth of visible minority models again. Thankfully, you beat them to the punch last time.

As much as this was covered last season with the women's collection, perhaps this wasn't really a surprise.

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