Inauguration Fashion I:

Michelle Obama In Isabel Toledo
For The Daytime

Paring Down:

Fortunoff Back On The Block

Inauguration Fashion II:

It's Jason Wu At Night

ObamaWu Michelle Obama threw us another curve tonight in an elaborately detailed white gown by young designer Jason Wu. The softly draped, one shoulder frock is festooned with floral embroidery, and comes as something of a surprise to everyone who was expecting another slim dress in the jewel tones that have become something of a signature for the new First Lady.
Both the Big Dress and Isabel Toledo's daytime ensemble will be dissected and discussed endlessly over the next few days. Let us simply say that To-LEE-do is a city in Ohio, and To-LAY-do is the last name of a designer, just so you know.
It's worth mentioning that by all reports, Mrs. Obama has played the event like an actress getting ready to win an Oscar, with Chicago retailer Ikram playing the Rachel Zoe stylist role. Both Toledo and Wu professed surprise that Mrs. Obama chose their outfits, despite the fact that they were designed specifically for her. This would suggest that at least a few other designers were also pressed into service, designing special items for Mrs. Obama that have yet to be seen, giving her options that could have been decided at the last minute. Perhaps there is a Thakoon suit awaiting the next daytime event, or are there custom gowns from Maria Pinto or Narciso Rodriguez hanging in a White House closet, waiting for the next state dinner? This is the first time in recent memory that the inaugural fashion sketches haven't been released to the press a day or two in advance by designers working closely with the future First Lady.
With a self awareness that's rare coming from someone just entering the White House, The First Lady has made the very most of the interest and suspense over her wardrobe choices. It would suggest that she will be interesting to watch for a lot of reasons beyond her clothes.


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