Lounge Meets Its End
In The Limelight

Red Carpet Disappointment:

The Jolie-Pitts Get Hit
By The Ugly Stick

Today In Lack Of Business Troubles:

Fishs Eddy Announces
Its Continuing Existence

It would seem that just staying in business is something of an accomplishment for a store these days.
The folks at Fishs Eddy, the ever popular purveyor of sturdy vintage and faux vintage tableware want to make sure everyone knows that they are definitely not going out of business or being dislodged from their longtime home at 19th and Broadway by a bank or Duane Reade.
To celebrate, They're having a nice sale which means that some of their well priced goods are really cheap now.
Of course, this clever promotional strategy would seem a little bit callous to the increasing number of unfortunate stores who have suffered the above listed fates, but hey, it's Fishs Eddy's karma. We're just telling you about it.
Fishs Eddy 889 Broadway at 19th Street, Union Square


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