Long Awaited Openings:

Ports 1961 Finally Launches

Sport/Lifestyle Opening:

Adidas SLVR Makes
An Understated Début

Bleecker Street Report:

Marc Jacobs Now Offering Porsches
...Sort Of

We are still not quite over the bitter disappointment over not making the 700 person cut for Marc Jacobs' dramatically reduced runway show list (that's disappointment, not actually surprise), but since we are in pretty good company, we won't hold too much of a grudge.
AnarchyMarc There have been all sorts of things in Marc's Bleecker Street store's window –giant swans, Santa, The Easter Skunk–  but so far, this, to our knowledge, is the first automobile auction it has hosted. Well, it's not a complete automobile. Apparently, it's just the shell of a Porsche 924 painted with a new logo design combining Marc's name, a fist and the circle-A Anarchist's symbol. For those of you feeling subversive, countercultural and revolutionary but not in need of a non-working Porsche, the design is also available on a $24 t-shirt and a backpack.
The car really is available for the best offer, and proceeds will go to the New York School Of Medicine Interdisciplinary Melanoma Cooperative Group. Delivery, however, is not included, or offered. You get to haul it away yourself.
Marc by Marc Jacobs 403-5 Bleecker Street, West Village

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