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It's been a while since we have hit the big Tourneau Watch Sale, mainly because...well, who needs to be tempted? We were somewhat curious if some of the customers who stayed away from the watch and jewelry counters during the Holiday season would materialize there.
TourneaulineAnyway, apparently we had nothing better to do first thing last Saturday morning but to go through the arduous process of getting into the sale which is being held at Soiffer-Haskin's 33rd Street facility. It's not that there is such a huge crush of shoppers trying to get in as much as it is a carefully controlled amount of people allowed into the sale at once due to the valuable nature of the merchandise. We have been warned that visiting on the first day would entail a long wait because it is believed that all the good stuff goes quickly. In terms of luxury timepieces, however, good stuff is a highly subjective term. To one it could mean 50% off on a $20,000 Cartier gold and diamond watch, but to another it could be a half priced Victorinox Swiss Army watch for a couple hundred bucks. Your choice of both were available.
The wait was irritating, but not much longer than we expected. All in all it was a little over an hour before we were admitted into the sale. First we were outside, then in a line snaking through the hallways inside and up the stairs as a strict one man out, one man in policy was in effect. Once inside, however, it was roomy and easy to shop, with an abundance of salespeople behind the counters. There were a few cases of jewelry, but the main story there is watches. Though the sale strictly excludes Rolex and Patek Phillipe, nearly every other high-end brand is represented, with the lowest discount at 50%, and many prestigious makers selling for 70% off. If you've ever wanted a gold Piaget Polo watch, this would be your opportunity. There were plenty of other iconic styles available including Cartier Pashas, Bulgari Diagonos and Corum Gold Coins and Admiral's Cups. There is also a sizable selection of pre-owned watches priced at 20% off the lowest marked price, and while these are usually a good value as well, this sale is really about new goods.
Not surprisingly, this is a sale where the male customers outnumber the female by about 3 to 1. We can't compare to years past, but last weekend, things seemed civilized and subdued, and we think that it's a pretty fair guess that some collectors are sitting this season out for obvious reasons. We also left empty-handed. Despite our determination to go inside, we have to admit that in reality, our budget was really more Swatch than Jaeger Le Coultre or Breitling. If, however, you should find yourself in the market for a fine timepiece before this Thursday when the sale ends, this should definitely be your first stop.
Tourneau Watch Sale through Thursday February 12th at Soiffer-Haskin 317 West 33rd Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues.


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