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Above we have a montage of the Cleo & Patek stores in Soho which have traded their permanent 60% to 70% off sale signs for something more dramatic, suggesting that the mini-chain, which has several other stores throughout Manhattan, would be shutting down.
Normally, we are sympathetic to the plight of retailers in a challenging economy, and we typically don't cheer at most stores' closings. There are too many much loved and well run stores who have been forced to close lately, but it's an ill wind that blows no good, and if the recession is knocking out Cleo & Patek, then we say "good riddance".
Why so harsh?
Cleo & Patek is one of those shady stores that seasoned New York shoppers have learned to avoid, but can easily sucker in the less savvy as well as gullible tourists. They have been around for several years now, setting up shop in popular shopping areas and selling handbags of questionable quality at a steep discount from high, fake "original" prices. We have always found their continued, and even expanding, scammy presence to be irksome. Given the company's reputation, we have to wonder if Cleo & Patek is really closing its stores, or using a more extreme tactic to reel in the unsuspecting. Unfortunately, we suspect the latter. If they are still around in three months, then we'll know they are faking it. However, if they really do bite the dust, then the recession will actually have done shoppers a small favor.


I fear that I might be one of those 'tourists' that got suckered into a sale. I paid $50 for a purse and was excited about the sale, until I did my research....

I just brought a bag for 250 that as I was about to buy it the sales person said it was originally way over 1000.00 which did not impress me actually, but should have alarmed me that something might not be right. My initial thought was not if the store was going out of business, but that it is a store selling bags much cheaper and nothing more. I wanted a bag, I saw the store, I went in and made a CASH (luckier for them) purchase. Now I am very upset after reading this 2nd review warning buyers; not for myself as much as the game they are playing on the public. That REALLY PISSES ME OFF. My thought NOW is that the bag probably is not worth more than 50.00 bucks, although I have seen it and many like it in upscale stores selling for over 1 grand. Ironically, a woman in the store pulled out her American Express and brought a 275.00 version similiar to mines. Hmmm... the one we went to was on FIFTY SEVENTH and 5th Avenue. Sad that these TYPES of BUSINESSES continue to even get FUNDED to make sales

OH YEAH and BY THE WAY... there is no DESIGNER NAME on the bag I brought, which again didn't bother me since I'm not one for having the designer name on my stuff... noticiably... BUT NOW.... dear public maybe... just maybe that should be ANOTHER THOUGHT about at least the cost of SOME of their products. I did see the name on some of the backs on the clasps... just a thought for anyone thinking to buy the product. Sorry.. I can not tell you the quality.. but will report in time if I have any trouble with the bag.. take care.. buy wise

Question. So for those who are not in the know, can or is the 60% or higher sales be a ploy for a lot of businesses in neighborhoods that seem affluent such as what this company is doing? I was under the assumption that SOME of these types of stores that appears to have upscale/designer products with signs of 75 to as much as 90% off is/were not so much going out of business, but changing stock. Hmm. I have seen these types of sales ALL my life. This could be a great debate or lesson if any of your readers can school us on this matter. Should we ALL be aware of "designer" stores that during certain times of the year have these "big" sales. I for one have also noticed that there are CERTAIN TYPES of stores ESPECIALLY on the EASTSIDE that around KEY TIMES OF THE YEAR; change of seasons have these "magnificient SALES" Any feedback anyone.

The store sucks. It is a scam. The purses are inferior and they run from store to store making sure not one gives a better deal. What a scam!! BEWARE....

here i am! with my new three bags from 57th street and 5 th av. i was happy , and actually still i am since i bought three no name but nice bags from that store for almost 40$ each. i'm back in italy,, nobody knows them, but still people make compliments about my bags. The thing i don't understand is the web site, with the same bags, a cart, and the price is not reduced..what if somebody buy them? not aware of the big discount which is actually going on in NY? who are those Cleo & Patek?? i guess they're just fooling people making bags similar to balenciaga or YSL...but not really a copy of the original..

I bought a bag a few years ago at one of their SoHo stores -- embossed with the Cleo & Patek mark -- and I love it. I've carried it almost every day, and its survived remarkably well. And I continue to get compliments on it all the time -- including questions from men who are interested in getting one for their wives. Don't know about their other bags, but I love mine!

I was totally unfamiliar with Cleo & Patek when I purchased a bag at Soho store in 2006; I use it quite frequently and love it. Although that was 2 yrs ago I continue to get compliments on the bag. One of my associates liked the look so much, he expressed interest in knowing where I purchased it so he could buy one for his wife. However, after reading these reviews I'd be hard-pressed to purchase there again.

I bought a cleo and patek bag a while back and it seems to be good quality leather and has held up pretty well. I get compliments on it all the time and I love it! I can't complain.

I'm originally from NY. I understand scams; HOWEVER, I bought a $450 Cleo & Patek bag a month ago and LOVE it. Of course I only paid $119....zips down both sides...never could find one like it. I felt it was worth the $119, and the only thing bad is the lining. It's cheap, but has lots of compartments. I'm certain the bag will last for years...not so sure of the lining, but it's a beautiful bag, and if I didn't think it was worth $119, I wouldn't have bought it. How do you get sucked into buying something you don't want???? You either do or don't, and whatever price is given, you accept or decline. Nobody's twisting your arm! I get compliments all the time on my bag! Most of the designs are fairly unique looking.

well i just bought 2 bags ans i am very happy since the bags looks very nice

I bought two cleo and patek bags at the soho store in June 2009 and love both of them. They are holding up very well and I get tons of compliments on both bags especially on the zig zag two tone bag. I also have two cousins that purchased bags at the soho store and are completely satified with their purchases also.

What's the problem? Yes, their ever present "70% off" signs are annoying and reek of sleaziness, but if the company chooses to do business that way, so what? The bottom line is that they provide reasonably nice products for reasonably good prices. Does it really matter if a purse is "discounted" from $500 to $150, as long as the purchaser is satisfied paying $150 for it?

I am from Argentina and have been to NY several times and I had never seen those kind of bags at those incredible prices.
Obviously tempted, without any pressure at all from an Israeli saleswoman at the Soho shop, I bought what I think is a very beautiful bag for $120,-- when in my country I would pay double. Back home, my curiosity about the maker made me google it and I found all kinds of comments on the quality in the long-term use of the bag. I think myself as an "intelligent" buyer, but I really hope that this time do not turn to be a scam. If so, I really have learned the lesson and be more carefull with my shopping.

My bag has survived multiple cross-atlantic business trips, rain, snow, packed subway rides, laptops, etc. It still looks as good as new. I might have been naive to think it ever cost $450 (i purchased it for $150), but so what. It looks tasteful and, in my opinion, way better than the many real "brand names" that charge $500+. It's all marketing anyway. It probably costs these true brand name companies the same $50 to manufacture the bag, they just use "more acceptable" tactics to dupe you into paying 10x that amount.

Bought a bag today from the 6th Ave Store in NY. Got it back to my hotel and really looked it over... my first clue looking at it closley was no designer name on the bag. Second clue looking more closely is the shoddy workmanship in the way the leather is stitched together. The bag has a funny odour, could be the glue. Glad I didn't pay more than one hundred. I am mildly irritated with my purchase. Beware when shopping at this store.

I purchased the zig zag bag about 3 years ago at 5th and 35th. This store is not longer there. It is stamped 'Cleo and Patek'. I loved the bag, gots loads of compliments on it, and after 3 years of constant use,(and cramming way too much into it) the leather has torn a little. Made me sad, as I really love the bag, but felt I got my money's worth from it.

Okay, I too was suckered. I was drawn to the design, looked at the price, and was leaving the store when the saleswomen offered a "really good price" I gave the bag asecond look and was sold when she offered to "include the tax" I left with a red and black bag that zippered all around. Would I use it for a lap top and could I use it everday? I rationalized my lack of will powere with an, I would pay $100 dollars for a bag I liked at TJMaxx wouldn't I? So for $110.00 I walked out looking stylish but feeling dupped. I had no idea who or what Cleo and Patek is or was and felt like I had just bought a knock off. Can someone fill me in? Thanks


just this sunday when i came out of the subway at 57th and i saw thes 90% off signs i went in to see what they not the type to buy something i dont need, and i found something i like and need, originally $600 reduced to $60. i felt great buying it! but when i got home i also got the feeling this is a fake- no name on the i did some research and realized my feeling was right...but after all i got a leather bag (it does have a leather smell) for $60 that i like...thats a good price, but i do feel cheated

I am a gullible tourist visiting NYC and I saw what looked like a nice bag in the window. I also saw the 70% off signs very large in the window. When I asked about the price of the purse she said that the originally $478.00 purse could be purchased for 100.00 with no tax because she had her coat on and she was about to leave for the day. The Israeli woman assured me the purse is leather. Even though my instincts told me something wasn't right I bought the purse. After reading this site I really hope that the purse is leather and won't break the first time I use it. I continue to be impressed by the design of the purse and other family members admired it when i showed them.

TOTAL SCAM. beware everyone. 135 prince st. lady told me
1) designed by local designer .
2) only have shops in Manhattan.
3) shop is closing and figthing to close it.
I bought into it and asked for warranty. She gave me a rubber stamp address of the shop and said not to worry, give her a call and .. contradicts the point about the shop closing.
I left and thought better of it and thought the whole story did not make any sense at all so i went back to ask what was the name of the designer.

She said she didnt know and only the boss knows and she was just the sales girl and she was not going to disturb her boss on a sunday.

I told her it is not right that she sells me a designer bag and she does not know the name of the designer. She said I was the first customer who asked for the designers's name.

She got very agressive and chased me out of the store. It went on for a while and i was persistent and told her that the whole thing was a scam and the bag is probably a knock-off and she was very agressive and angry.

BEWARE everyone.


Bought a ladies handbag from their 1666 broadway store which the store assistant insisted was genuine leather. Was not sure after purchasing and had a leather specialist check what the bag was made from. Turned out the bad was made of vinyl.

Went back the next day for a refund due to fraud on behalf of the shop assistant. No luck.

Also found out the bad had a warranty of 1 month only....

Get the picture from this company.

Please New York do something about this company and the fraud the do on unsuspecting tourists. This company has been operating for at least the last 3 years like this. This tourist is taking from New York a very bad experience instead of wonderful memories.

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