New York Fashion Week Day 1:

The Marathon Featuring
Yigal Azrouël, Abaeté, Duckie Brown,
Samantha Ronson & BCBG Maz Azria

New York Fashion Week Weekend Edition Part I:

Fashion Overload Already?
Adam, Spurr & Loden Dager

Pop Up Report:

Target McQ Market Is Open

We took a little break from our showgoing to check out the Alexander McQueen McQ for Target preview that the fine folks at Target set up on the West Side Highway for us Marget deprived Manhattanites.
Now, typically, the folks around here would be falling all over themselves trying to cram into this sort of preview opportunity. The Target Bullseye Bodegas apparently did very well last fall, so we can't quite figure out why the McQ Market was so...roomy. There were maybe twenty people waiting to get in today at noon, so there really wasn't much reason to line up early. Is it the economy? This stuff is pretty cheap. Perhaps it was the location? The windy West Side Highway at Houston Street may have been just a bit too far out of the way for a Sunday afternoo's shopping trip. Add to that the lack of signage pointing people in the right direction, or even letting them know that it existed.
We're hoping it got busier after we left, because Target trucked in tons of merchandise, to fill a vast warehouse space, alongside several art installations and a live DJ, at least until tonight at 10 PM. Come Monday, it all gets dismantled and you'll have to wait until March 4th or thereabouts to buy it at a regular Target Store
Alexander McQueen for Target McQ Market 330 West Street at West Houston Street through 10PM on February 15th

Click images for a larger view in a new window
TargetmcQ1 TargetmcQ2


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