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A Peek At Matthew Williamson

Matthewwilliamsonpeek Matthew Williamson's new boutique is slated to open any minute now, and they are plugging away in there to be ready for Fashion Week's scrutiny.
We always enjoy a door carelessly left open during construction, and from the looks of things inside, we can expect a dramatic, modern space with some vaguely psychedelic lighting effects.
That will go well with Williamson's colorful embellishment signatures. We can already see the requisite video screen showing the latest runway show, and if you peer towards the back, you can see the tropical garden we have been promised.
It all looks rather entertaining, and though we miss the Bodum store, hopefully this will be a satisfactory replacement. We should all be able to get a better look sometime in the next week or so.
Matthew Williamson 413 West 14th Street between Ninth and 10th Avenues


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