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Scoop It Up Reappears
On Washington Street

We have to give Scoop some credit for making good use of extra space.
Recently, after they opened their Mega-Scoop in SoHo, the previous, smaller store at Broadway and Spring Street was converted into Scoop It Up, a clearance store that god rid of all sorts of old stock at bargain prices (like some Dries Van Noten shirts we snagged, for example). When the lease (and the stock) ran out, Scoop It Up vanished. Now that the chain has decided to discontinue its luxury children's clothing division, Scoop It Up has returned in its place, this time to the strip of Scoops at the head of Washington Street in the Meatpacking District.
While much has been made of Scoop's current 75% off sale (Are they going out of business? No.) it's worth remembering that in February, anything left over from the Fall should always be 75% off. The new clearance shop has plenty of women's clothes and shoes and whatever is left of the children's stock but, unfortunately, no menswear. At this point, most clearance goods in Manhattan are pretty picked over, but at those prices it's always worth a look for that needle in the haystack; something fabulous in your size, reduced to practically nothing, that just happens to materialize when you show up in the store because your little sixth shopping sense told you to stop in.
We like to call it the February Surprise, or just a little pick-me-up to help get through the dreariest month of the year.
How long Scoop It Up will be there is anyone's guess, although it would seem pretty easy to merge it with Scoop Street next door, it may also house the chains expanded home furnishings collection (Scoop Home? It's a no brainer).
Scoop It Up 430 Washington Street at 14th Street, Meatpacking District


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