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Phineas Cole Lets The Light
In At Paul Stuart

Paul Stuart has always existed in its own never-changing world. It's an elegant, refined world of impeccable taste (and a really beautiful selection of shoes), and its consistency is no doubt comforting to its loyal customers. Sometimes, however such dependability can thrive for decades, but then one day abruptly become "Grandpa's Store", scrambling to find a way to become relevant again. Looking to avoid that fate, Paul Stuart introduced a younger, sleeker (but no less expensive) label, Phineas Cole a few seasons ago, and has now expanded it to a new corner on the first floor for sportswear and accessories.
It must be noted that in Paul Stuart's world, merchandise doesn't move around the store. Ties go where ties go. Sweaters are always kept on the same shelves, etc. A regular customer could walk into the store after an absence of 5 or 10 years (perhaps for insider trading) and barely notice the passage of time, so this sort of merchandising move is nothing short of revolutionary. On top of that, the store has remodeled the new Phineas Cole shop to open up the store's corner windows, allowing real sunlight to actually permeate the store's otherwise hermetic interior.
This reorganization also moves the shoe department to a bigger space on the other side of the Madison Avenue entrance, so call it a double bonus. Longtime family owned businesses aren't always quick to adapt to changing times, but it's encouraging to see that the folks at Paul Stuart have an eye to the future.
Phineas Cole at Paul Stuart Madison Avenue at 45th Street, Midtown


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