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12critic.3-650 In today's Critical Shopper column, Cintra Wilson essentially deconstructs the entire concept of "luxury basics" as she simultaneously praises and skewers the new Vince store in the Meatpacking District. La Cintra falls head over heels for a $325 jumpsuit that sadly lets her down in the dressing room with too much luxury and not enough basic.

Once on my body, the jumpsuit and I began to argue. I didn’t want it to pre-roll the sleeves and legs for me; I wanted to roll them with my own elbow grease. I wanted thicker denim that might endure actual labor. I wanted this blue-collar factory uniform to be less preening and wussed out, and I wanted it to be well under $325. The affair ended abruptly.

Here at The Shophound, we love a luxury basic. We live in them. I fact we just bought an armful of our treasured Adam Lippes' silky Peruvian cotton T-shirts (Oprah's favorites!). Of course we bought them for $5 each at the sample sale*, and they are last year's color —or older— but nobody needs to know that (uh...except we just told you). That's just New York for you. Occasionally, the staggering cost of living gets balanced out by a delightful bargain like $196 worth of t-shirts for $25.
But back to Cintra. Somehow, we can't reconcile the glamourpuss image of her we have in our mind with a garment we normally associate with the people carrying large garbage pails who run after elephants in the circus, making sure they don't poop on the floor. Looks like she couldn't either, at least not for that price, and yet we both like the friendly, if a bit effusive, folks who run the Vince store. And neither of us are quite prepared to predict the death of brands like Vince which seem to offer fancier versions of the same things as the Gap, even if we have found excellent alternatives. Despite the retail apocalypse that appears to be going on, that aspirational moment may not have actually passed just yet.
Critical Shopper | Vince: Rosie the Riveter in a Pocket T by Cintra Wilson (NYTimes)
833 Washington Street at Little West 12th Street, Meatpacking District
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*Through Sunday, 3/15 at the Chelsea Market 75 Ninth Ave between 15th and 16th Streets. Only a tiny bit of men's, but racks and racks of women's stuff including a ton of basic tees all at excellent prices.


Agreed re: conflict between the inherent ridiculousness, yet the allure, of luxury basics brands. Ultimately, however, basics are the things we all come back to, and while I might not shell out a figure in the hundreds for a plain t-shirt, I WILL shell out that much for a pair of jeans, that I will then probably proceed to wear every single day for the next year, while that 'whimsical party frock' I spent the same amount on languishes in my closet. When it comes to spending, I'd rather invest in the staples!

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