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Michael Jackson Auction Canceled

MJauction You could argue that most of Michael Jackson's life has been a celebrity freakshow, but the eccentric singer has managed to reach a settlement that will return the former contents of Neverland Ranch back to his personal possession. They were to have been auctioned off by Julien's later this month, and an exhibition of the items opened on Tuesday in Beverly Hills running through the April 25th. The exhibition will continue, and included items like the singer's iconic crystal studded gloves, quasi-military outfits and many paintings and sculptures depicting himself as well as juvenile fanboy memorabilia like life-sized superhero and Star Wars character figures. The folks at Luxist have an amusing slideshow of the display. According to Julien's, who had spent an estimated $2 million preparing for the sale, arrangements are being made for some sort of permanent exhibit of the items.
Sadly, we may have to wait until the singer's next financial crisis (which, given his track record, can't be too far off) for our chance to bid thousands of dollars for a piece of Jackson's bizarre legacy, but that's something worth waiting for, no?
Michael Jackson Auction Canceled (Luxist)
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