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The Final Virgin Falls

The last Virgin Megastore is getting ready to shut its doors forever. We have already written about how there will essentially be no major record stores left in the New York City when that happens, and that anyone looking for even the most marginally obscure CDs will have to resort to the internet.
What we haven't written about is how totally stupid the closing sale is.
At the moment, everything in the store is mostly around 20% off full price. That means that the CDs, which generally sold at promotional prices of around $9 to $12 the week before, are now priced higher than they were before the sale began. For example, say the new U2 CD sold for about $9.99, while the list price is $13.98, then the Closing Sale price at Virgin is now $11.14. The only real discount we found was a whopping 5% off iPods.
Great! the store's closing and now pretty much everything is more expensive.
We can't wait to get in line for that.


For what it's worth, we told people the last few weeks that if the item they wanted to buy was already on sale they should buy it before the liquidation begins. However, there is still a ton of stuff that's 20% off that never goes on sale like Criterion DVDs, all vinyl, and any back catalog CDs.

And so y'all know, outside liquidators come in and call the shots, not Virgin. We have nothing to do with how this sale is run. That said, I wish people would take a second to stop complaining about the lack of killer deals and consider that people are losing their jobs here. Ponder that while you listen to the new U2 album that you bought somewhere else.

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