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GAP x Havaianas Hits Fifth Avenue

It's always the things you didn't know you wanted that'll get you.
HavaianasGAP1 Like, for example, we didn't know we wanted a pair of customized Havaianas flip-flops, and yet we couldn't have been more tickled to leave last night's preview of the Gap's latest Fifth Avenue Concept Store pop-up carrying a pair.
Starting today, the Concept Store becomes the Urban Beach Flip-Flop Shop, presenting those ever more popular rubber sandals in a range of styles as well as embellishments like pins and crystals to be added for a small fee, of course. The event marks the beginning of a new partnership between Gap and Havaianas that will put the sandals in stores throughout the chain all Summer and in select locations all year round. The little shop's latest incarnation features bright Brazilian graphics and a selection of beachy looks and bikinis from Patrick Robinson's Summer collections for the chain, which, we have to say, keep getting better and better under his direction. Weekends will offer the "Make Your Own Havaianas” customization bar where customers will be able to mix and match colors to make the rubber shower shoes of their dreams to be assembled by the HavaianasCUSTOMcharming Gap-clad flip-flop technicians The Shophound has come to know and love at the Fashion Week tents.
Now all we need is a beach house.
The Havaianas Urban Beach Flip-Flop Shop at the Gap Concept Store through June 13th, 680 Fifth Avenue between 53rd & 54th Streets, Midtown


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