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Trovata Puts Forever 21
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Madison Avenue Moves:

Jil Sander Shifts Stores
...But Still Temporarily

Starting this Saturday, Jil Sander's uptown customers will have a shorter trek on Madison Avenue as the label takes over the former Alessandro Dell'Acqua store at 818 Madison Avenue, between 68th and 69th Streets. While the new 2-level store will reflect the company's signature minimalist aesthetic, WWD tells us it will only be open for two years while a search continues for a permanent uptown flagship that reflects designer Raf Simons' vision for the brand the way the Crosby Street boutique in SoHo does.
While it seems like a lot of trouble for another temporary store, the move brings the shop 10 blocks south from 79th Street, and a lot closer to the street's other comparable designer flagships.
Given the tenuous state of retail real estate, we don't think that Jil Sander will have too much trouble finding a permanent uptown home in the next two years, as long as its business stays healthy, and a higher profile location can't hurt.
Jil Sander Store to Open on Madison Ave. (WWD)
Jil Sander (Official Site)


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