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Kiehl's Gets An East Village Upgrade

Back in the '90s, when it was still a family owned cult cosmetics brand, Kiehl's was famous for its no -nonsense packaging, late deliveries, scarcity of product and its main East Village headquarters at 13th Street and Third Avenue dating from the mid 19th century, where customers were encouraged to take an abundance of free samples to try at home before making any purchases.
Since the Morse family sold the company to L'Oreal in 2000, deliveries have improved, distribution has broadened, and there are now 33 freestanding stores, but the Third Avenue home is still a destination for the faithful, and now it has been given a facelift as well as exclusive products that will sold nowhere else.
“This store is our Graceland — the ultimate Kiehl’s store,” Kiehl’s president Chris Salgardo tells WWD, “We wanted people to leave here with special merchandise and a feeling that they’d been on a journey with us.”
New additions include a "gifting bar" elaborately carved with a subtly stylized skull pattern, which customizes gifts with special packaging and wrappings. Popular products are also available with exclusive packaging designed by an eclectic group celebrities including Erykah Badu and Adrian Grenier. There's logo gear as well for the faithful making pilgrimages for far and wide including a $90 bathrobe found only at the store. If this all sounds a little too slick for the hometown favorite, be comforted that teaching skeleton remains on display.
Kiehl’s Spiffs Up Flagship (WWD)


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