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Let The Backlash Begin

We have to admit that we are now experiencing Topshop fatigue.
Of course, we have ourselves partly to blame for this, but we suffer all the same.
And not alone, it turns out.
Our friends at RACKED have transcribed a particularly disgruntled IM conversation suggesting that not everyone is enthralled by Topshop's version of cheap chic. Essentially they found everything to be cheap and flashy looking. (Isn't that part of the point?)

12:11pm) RackedBot: What about the shoes?
(12:11pm) NonTopshopper: You have to be daft to buy a pair of those things. Across the board, it's amazing to me. And the tee shirts! "Holy shih tzu" Um, really?
(12:12pm) NonTopshopper: Topman is like if Sheboygan had a really hopping gay scene.

They also pointed us to industry rag MR Magazine's website where one reviewer was generally disgusted by the sportswear except when he wasn't (high marks for the tailored clothing.)

Now the sport shirts. Like the tailored clothing, they looked great. But many of the shirts felt crispy: they were 65 percent polyester. I’m not totally opposed to wearing polyester, but I am violently against paying cotton prices for it. One, a black button-down collared shirt with gray pinstripes sells for $50. When I looked at the tag to check the blend, a frightening message in red capital letters screamed: “KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE.”

Everyone seems to be universally contemptuous of the line that continues to appear periodically in front of the store. Apparently, the store is never crowded inside, so the line has become some sort of device to force unwitting shoppers into creating a theatrical presentation that exaggerates the store's appeal.
So we'll say it: It's time to ditch the line until the store has actually reached capacity, and every New Yorker knows what a crowded store really looks like, so there's no fooling us.
There's no reason to inconvenience shoppers just for appearance's sake.
IM Rant: I Just Don't Get Topshop (RACKED)
This Line is a Sham (MR Magazine)


Why are people lining up for polyblend clothing?

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