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It's a Mother Hubbard-ish scene at Balducci's as the famous food store gets ready to close its Manhattan branches.Balduccis1cases Anyone still looking for a good deal on an expensive bottle of extra virgin olive oil or some discount cheese has missed the boat, as the grocery selection, now at 60% off, has dwindled to a few shelves of random items. There are still a few wedges of Roquefort at the cheese counter which is otherwise bare. Of course, yesterday afternoon was the first time we have ever seen a long checkout line at the Chelsea location, and this was on a Thursday afternoon.
The stores are expected to close at the end of April, but we have a hard time imagining this shop lasting past the weekend if things continue at this rate. Oddly, the prepared foods and sandwich counters remain fully stocked, although not appreciably discounted.
Aside from the general grimness of a store closing, it's sad to see this one go if only because the Greek Revival bank building provides it with such a beautiful home. Hopefully, the next tenant will do it justice —if there is one anytime soon.
At this point, we sort of feel like a vulture picking over a carcass, although there is still a little meat left on the bones.
Half price pies anyone?
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