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Kira Plastinina's Return Draws
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British American House Goes Russian Italian

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Bagatelle's Wrapping Reminiscence

Bagatelle Logo Brightened Medium We have to admit that pretty often these days The Shophound feels a little bit blogged out, and occasionally relieved to find a reason to delete something from our prodigious RSS feed list. Sometimes it seems like we see the same stories slavishly repeated over and over and over from one blog to another (like anything regarding Marc Jacobs' personal life, for example). It's no small pleasure to find a blog with a unique focus, which happened yesterday when we came across "Bagatelle: An on-line museum of shopping bags... and other things money can't buy".
A blog about shopping BAGS?
It's better than it sounds. More than just creating a budding compendium of graphic design and corporate identity (trying to remember what the old Bonwit Teller bags looked like?), Bagatelle's author, Coco, often uses the bags, ribbons, boxes and even business cards as an opportunity launch into another often unrelated but no less amusing story, like this post about Bergdorf Goodman's iconic paper sacks,

In spite of the fact that I applied for a job there when I was 19 and was turned down (I ended up working for Macy's), I'm proud to say I've never let bitterness or hurt stand in the way of walking into BG's as if I own the place. (Although I was a little embarrassed, when, after they broke the news to me that I wasn't hired, I was discovered rocking back and forth in the shoe section, yelling, "You are lying, Chino! Make it not be true! Please, make it not be true!!!" I guess all hindsight is 20/20.)

We think you've hit on something here Coco.
We're anxiously waiting for a nice post on all those famous Bloomingdale's bags from the '70s and '80s. Consider yourself tasked.
Bagatelle: An on-line museum of shopping bags... and other things money can't buy (Official Site)


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