Footwear Up & Downtown:

Onesole Lands In SoHo &
Stuart Weitzman Expands
Up And West

Impending Departures:

Say Bye Bye To Beau Brummel


Ridiculous looking cookie-cutter types, and not even attractive, any of them.

funny; they have great physiques but ugly faces... they must be "budget models."

haha the losers i saw last weekend!

Mmm... budget models.

There is NOTHING wrong with any one of these guys! It makes me wonder what Lee, Michael and Cheese look like that they can be that critical. But I bet they're not Abercrombie models or "budget" models even.....huh?

3 twinks. Nothing to see here. NEXT!

Too contrived.

"Door whores". It's been done.

They let them outta the cage. You can tell - they tagged them.


I blew all 3 of these guys

gawdd they are sooooo hawt (;

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