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Designer Christian Audigier has announced, among other things, that he will be showing his next collection on the Paris runways.
We know! Right? Hilaaaaariooous!
Big change from the MAGIC show in Vegas. Seriously, people are chortling all over town about this one. Apparently the man thinks that his t-shirt lines will hold up against Dior, Chanel and Lanvin. Well, he is French. We have to give him that.
Of course, we have been lambasting him since the first Ed Hardy store appeared in the West Village, and he keeps getting bigger and bigger, so clearly it hasn't held him back. In fact, the more that we (and hordes of others, we can assure you) go on about how tacky and crass his clothes are, the bigger he gets. His mysterious rise is incomprehensible, but there it is. We wonder if the Paris runway audiences will actually boo? Throw things? According to British Vogue (via The Cut), Audigier claims he will have a performance by a huge (but yet to named) superstar at his show, which may be the only way he will get people to come.
All we can say is that if it looks like Anna Wintour is getting anywhere near that crap, we may have to throw in the towel. Fashion will really be dead then.
Also, he has announced that he will be the next tenant of the Holmby Hills mansion where Michael Jackson met his end last week.
We did say crass, didn't we?
As for Posh & Becks (above), these are the latest shots from their Emporio Armani Underwear campaign by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. We are posting them just because everyone else totally is, and we don't want to be left out. Also, wouldn't you rather look at them than another Ed Hardy picture?
In other news:

• Brooklyn's Beehive Salon will be offering you the most iconic celebrity hairstyle in the history of such things for $50 on Friday July 10. The “Farrah Blow-Out” in honor of the late Angel will benefit Sanctuary for Families, a New York State organization that provides assistance to victims of domestic abuse, a cause that Farrah herself supported (remember "The Burning Bed"?). (Chic Report)
Kelly Osbourne gets a makeover...again. (Fashionista)
Roberto Cavalli is fixing to join the ranks of Haute Couturiers. Will money and nerve be enough for him to get him accepted into that dwindling group? (Fashionologie)
• Beloved West Village diner Joe Jr's is being forced out of its corner location after 35 years. First Florent, and now this? (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)
Ann-Sofie Back débuts her tattered '80s collection for Cheap Monday. (Refinery 29)
• Does the Times cover Muji so frequently because it's right downstairs? Can we blame them? (The Choosy Beggar & The Moment)



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