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Jack Spade's Giant Tote

The folks at Jack Spade seem to have wound down their bike shop for the season, and the latest attraction at the Bleecker Street store appears to be supersized accessories —really supersized.
Yes, possibly inspired by pop artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen, that's a giant canvas tote bag in front of the store, stuffed, perhaps in absence of a bit more structure, with a whole lot of tissue paper.
The Spade staff seems, at least, to know what its customers put in their totes. A closer look reveals a giant pair of iPod headphones.
Dumbo's perhaps?
Jack Spade 400 Bleecker Street between West 11th & Bank Streets, West Village
Today In Switcheroos: Jack Spade Ditches Fruitcake for Cycling


They have one of these in front of the Greene St. store as well.

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