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Jil Sander's +J for UNIQLO
Previews Hit The Web

Our friends at RACKED have pointed us to the first images of Jil Sander's anxiously awaited UNIQLO +J collections for men (above right)  and women (above left) at Hypebeast and Vogue respectively. If it looks familiarly simple, sleek and elegant, then that's a good thing. The pictures point to a return of classic Jil Sander sportswear in presumably humbler fabrics and at far more forgiving prices, which is everything we could have hoped for. How well her famously exacting quality can be duplicated at UNIQLO's prices remains to be seen, but these previews look promising, and the retailer's track record is pretty good on such matters.
So far, the launch date is a vague "October", but we will bring you more news as we receive it.
And when it hits the store, you can line up behind us.
Collabs: Jil Sander's Uniqlo Womenswear Borrows from the Boys (RACKED)
Jil Sander for Uniqlo First Look (Hypebast)
The Gone but Never Forgotten Jil Sander Returns with Her First Uniqlo Collection (Vogue.com)
And while you're at it, Power Sander (Material Interest)


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