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Anna Sui x Target

Anna-sui-x-target Having created a Pop-Up Extravaganza for Alexander McQueen last season, it would have been rude for Target not to do the same thing for the Gossip Girl inspired collection Anna Sui has designed for the mass retailer.
Like its predecessor, Sui's launch boutique will happen during Fashion Week, conveniently included as part of Fashion's Night Out on September 10th.
The Cut tells us that the shop will appear in SoHo at 54 Crosby Street near Spring Street and last through the 12th in a location that is thankfully more accessible than the West Side Highway warehouse that was used for McQueen, and only a few blocks from Sui's own boutique. Officially, the line will be released to Target stores on September 13th, so you can get it a few days in advance in SoHo.
Of course, since the shop is taking place during the highly hyped Fashion's Night Out, the thought may have crossed our mind that at least one of the Gossip Girl stars who inspired the line may drop by. So far, there have been no announcements to that effect (and we certainly can't promise anything), but since the show films in New York, it's not outside the realm of possibility.
Keep your fingers crossed.
Anna Sui for Target Collection Gets Its Own Pop-up Shop (The Cut)


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