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In this week's Thursday Styles, Critical Shopper Cintra Wilson wastes not a moment getting herself to Isaac Mizrahi's brand spanking new boutique off Madison Avenue. You have to admire La Cintra's diligence, as the boutique has been open for barely a week. Much of her report concerns a brief recap of Mizrahi's career triumphs, trials and tribulations before landing at the happy ending of his career rejuvenation by way of an unlikely showbiz path.
We weren't sure what our extra-critical shopper would make of the designer's signature mixture of camp and quirk, but she treats his loopier creations with gentler skepticism than usual, and just when you think his aesthetic might be a bit too mature for her —"Mr. Mizrahi dubbed this season’s look, Smile. I dubbed it, Barbara Walters Turns 30 Again."—she she strikes gold in the made-to-order room...or maybe silver:
Then the kicker: gowns and a shaggy coat made entirely out of aluminum Christmas trees. They are actually tinsel, hand-sewn onto mesh, something Bob Mackie might have designed for the hood ornament of a 1966 Buick Electra, or a radioactive gorilla.
I tried the silver gown ($9,400), T-backed and plunging in front, with a white mink mini-jacket of the Miss America variety ($21,208).
“Oh!” cried an older lady, squinting from the far end of the store. “You look gorgeous!”
“It’s the dress!” I hollered back. I was Carole Lombard for a thrilling micro-moment, until the straps came tumbling down and I revealed things a lady oughtn’t, in mixed company
That puts her one micro-moment ahead of most people.
Critical Shopper | Isaac Mizrahi: One-Man Show, or His Latest Act? by Cintra Wilson (NYTimes)
Isaac Mizrahi 23 East 67th Street between Fifth & Madison Avenues, Upper East Side


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