Superdry Not Going To Tower
—Taking Canal Jeans Spot Instead

Beyond Prada:

This Week's Other Sales

More Chocolate Is Always Good:

Jacques Torres Arrives
At The Chelsea Market

Regular customers at The Chelsea Market will have noticed that the large event space at the center of the complex has been undergoing renovations, but rather than preparing the place for a large retailer, it is being divided into smaller stalls with a prominent centerpiece, Jacques Torres Chocolate along with a branch of the Gramercy Park Flower Shop, returning a floral component to the market that has been missing for a while now. The popular sweet shop has just opened a new outpost that inaugurates the reconfigured space with all its temptations in tow. If you can resist the various bakeries and brownie shops you have to pass to get to the new counter, then Torres is cunningly situated to finally make sure that nobody gets out of that place without something to ruin a diet.
Jacques Torres Chocolate & Gramercy Park Flower Shop at the Chelsea Market 75 9th Ave between 15th & 16th Streets.


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