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+J Throws UNIQLO For A Loop

We hadn't been back to UNIQLO since Thursday's +J launch, so we quickly stopped in on Monday afternoon (no line) to see what was left.
The good news is there's still plenty of +J left even though the curtained off in-store shop is still teeming with enthusiastic customers and staff continually replenishes the shelves. While things seem relatively under control inside the curtains, just beyond the drapes, however, are more racks and trolleys piled with stock to replenish and discards from the dressing rooms. In short, it's a bit of a mess, but you can hunt through the backstock for your size yourself if you have the patience for rummageing. The lines at the registers remain surprisingly long for a Monday afternoon, and the entire staff seems a bit frazzled, furiously moving goods to the sales floor.
Not only is the Jil Sander designed collection an unqualified hit, but the halo effect on the rest of the store is in full effect with high traffic and the normally well stocked shelves now featuring empty gaps. An entire section of the lower level has been cordoned off and converted into a stock section for new deliveries, but so far, the store hasn't figured out a way to finesse replenishment more smoothly.
So if you think you missed out last week, you can rest assured that this was no blink-and-you've-missed-it H&M-style one-day event. You can now shop more leisurely without all the waiting in line to get in. We can't promise you that every item is still available in your size (or at all), but considering how much stock there appears to be, you have a better than even chance of finding some good stuff at least for the rest of the week.
Collaboration Anticipation: UNIQLO's +J Débuts With Controlled Chaos



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