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Is There Something We Don't Know
About Johnny Cupcakes?

for the first time in more years than we'd care to say, taking a slightly early morning walk down Melrose (lot of empty storefronts, sadly) on our way to Ron Herman at Fred Segal (more on that later), and we see a bunch of people camping out in front of some closed storefronts at around 10:30 AM. We're used to seeing this sort of thing in front of A Bathing Ape in Soho, but LA's Bape is half a block away, and there's no line there. We learn that this camp-out is in anticipation of cult t-shirt maker Johnny Cupcakes' release of limited edition Halloween t-shirts tonight at 9 PM.
Johnny who?
You may recall that a few years a go, in the early days of The Shophound, while casting about for some links on a stormy day, we discovered the young brand, and frankly, that's the last time we though about it —until now. Apparently, the bakery-inspired tee designer has become quite the underground sensation since then, and now has two exclusive shops —the other's in Boston— which, aside from the brand's website, are the only place to get the now highly coveted brand.
We thought we were pretty well versed in such things, but, you see, this is why sometimes we have to leave town (even our own fabulous town) to discover new stuff. For those of you East Coasters, the event will be repeated tomorrow October 10th at the Boston Store, so you should literally get in line now if you are so inclined. Apparently, it's quite the scene.
Johnny Cupcakes 7959 Melrose Ave, West, Hollywood
Linkage For The Shut-In (6.7.06)


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