The Shophound In Los Angeles:

Meandering Down Melrose
At Maxfield, Fred Segal & More

Couples Retailing:

Isabel Marant Coming To SoHo
With Husband In Tow

The Shpophound In Los Angeles:

Record Stores...
Remember Those?

Please see pictured above an endangered species. A rare, surviving music store.
We've only lost our Virgin Megastores for a little while, but we already feel a bit of jealous nostalgia at Amoeba Music on Sunset and Ivar. It's no sleek CD palace. In fact, it's like a little independent record store on steroids with poster and flyer lined walls and a little stage for personal appearances and performances, but it looks like the only place to find any sort of marginally specialized music genre as well as used CDs and vinyl, which we are told is making a big comeback. Amoeba is an independent chain with three stores in Hollywood, San Francisco and Berkeley. Maybe they'd like to come East?
Amoeba Music 6400 Sunset Boulevard at Ivar Avenue, Hollywood


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