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So yesterday, The Shophound was sauntering through Bloomingdale's thinking that they really did do a nice job reconfiguring their cosmetics floor, and that their men's department is probably one of the best retail renovations we have seen in years, when we happened upon the above display.
On the one hand, we were happy to see Bloomingdale's give some space to Simon Spurr's menswear (which is as handsome as it is staggeringly expensive) but on the other, we couldn't help being distracted by those pointy, sparkly pylons. We realized that these were meant to be little Christmas trees, and it's not even Halloween yet! The irksome things along with graphic banners in fuchsia, green and white, were popping up all over the store, ruining what had only moments before been a perfectly enjoyable rainy day shopping excursion.
There used to be an unwritten rule that Holiday decorations went up during the week of Thanksgiving, so that the store would be properly turned out when the Holiday season officially began on Black Friday, but over the years, some retailers have been pushing their decorations earlier and earlier until we have gotten to this point, where a store might see itself as efficiently accomplishing the huge task of decorating an enormous store, but customers just see it as untimely and tacky.
We don't care how gorgeous and inventive your holiday decorations are, we don't want to see them before mid-November at the earliest.
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