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Macy's Is An 800 Pound Gorilla

The Shophound In Los Angeles:

Is There Something We Don't Know
About Johnny Cupcakes?

Today In Underpants:

Armani Switches Footballers
Beckham Out. Ronaldo In.

Giorgio Armani has a new sports icon to plaster all over town.
Ronaldo Portuguese football star and international heartthrob Christiano Ronaldo (right) has been named the new "official worldwide testimonial" for Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans. We assume this means he will be appearing in his underpants on billboards all over the world starting early next year. He replaces David Beckham who declined to renew his contract with the designer. So far no new images have been released, so we have to rerun these old Beckham pictures. We know it pains you to have to look at them again, but as soon as we have the fresh media we promise to get it out to you as soon as possible. Beckham is said to be pursuing an underwear deal of his own, so you can still expect to see him in him in his skivvies for years to come.
Basically it's a win-win.
Fashion Scoops: Beckham Said Seeking Underwear Deal (WWD) & Shophound Inbox


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