Cintra Wilson Goes Shopping:

Church Of Armani Edition

Pop-Up Redux:

eBay Returns To 57th Street
—This Time For Everybody

Collaboration Du Jour:

John Bartlett Rebounds With
Rogues Gallery: A First Look

After the unfortunate repositioning of Liz Claiborne's labels, John Bartlett has wasted no time in finding new projects. The latest is a collaboration with Rogues Gallery's Alex Carleton for a collection that will be sold exclusively at Bartlett's West Village boutique starting this December.
For starters, the collection, to be called Rogues Gallery/John Bartlett, will include the sweet handcrafted leather gym bag pictured above, as well as Carleton's signature t-shirts in exclusive patterns (see Rooster & Berlin below), pique polo shirts and a black over-dyed union suit for frosty Winter nights. The extensive accessory collection will include, aside from the aforementioned bag (an excellent stocking stuffer for, perhaps, The Shophound), a leather log carrier, and bankers’ envelopes made from leather, silk screened canvas and vintage, recycled wools.
Carleton, who is also developing the L.L.Bean's Signature premium collection, has a New England vintage aesthetic that seems to be blending nicely with Bartlett's current rugged classic mode, so if we're lucky, this team-up could be an ongoing program. Thanks to John for these preview images. We're looking forward to seeing more soon.
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